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Alan is a talent management, organizational change and human capital analytics expert.  He has worked as an internal consultant in the pharmaceutical and consumer products industries building organizational capability and advising executives, business leaders and HR professionals. He is frequently sought out by private and public companies, consulting organizations, professional organizations, and academic institutions as an expert advisor.  He is a frequent speaker and presenter at professional meetings and conferences on a wide variety of talent management and human capital analytics topics. His thinking and research appears in many books, chapters, articles, blog posts, magazine articles, and white papers. Alan is a licensed psychologist in the state of Indiana, License #20040761

Experience and Expertise

  • Talent Management

  • Performance Management

  • Compensation and Rewards Strategy

  • Analytics

  • Teams and Team Effectiveness

  • Strategy, Organization Change

  • Human Resource Strategy

  • Culture and Climate Diagnosis and Change

General Interests

  • Performance management

  • Pay for performance, incentives

  • Motivation and control in organizations

  • Paradigms influencing leaders and organizational practices:  Meritocracy, Individualism, Zero-Sum Thinking, Scarcity, Resource View of Motivation

  • Innovation

  • Inclusion and psychological safety

  • Gender issues in the workplace

  • Affect and emotions in the workplace

  • Day-to-day employee experience; progress

  • Non-financial motives (meaning, purpose, belonging)

  • Pay inequality and differentiation of performance and rewards, impact on employees and organizations

  • Decision-making, the failure of intuition, prediction models and framing, bias in decision-making

Methodology Interests

  • Survey research, continuous listening, employee lifecycle measurement, employee experience measurement, climate measurement, and linkage research (safety, customer/service, innovation, retention).

  • Organizational network analysis.

  • Controlled markets, prediction markets.

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