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High turnover, low performance among sales reps?

Screening tool that yielded candidates that performed better and stayed longer

Slow starts and high turnover among new hires?

Onboarding survey to identify problem areas with employee integration

Ineffective performance management process?

New continuous feedback, “ratingless” PM process

Lean leadership pipeline, lack of ready-now candidates?

Assessment process to identify high-potential leadership talent early in career 

Slow, bureaucratic, risk-averse culture?

Assess current culture and root causes; develop multi-year integrated change agenda for moving to desired culture

Few females in top management positions?

Comprehensive internal labor market analysis, quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify root causes, build change plan to remediate

Problems with key external alliances and collaborations?

Assessment process to identify problem areas blocking progress, develop plans to address

EVP and total rewards strategy not kept pace with changing workforce?

Define critical elements, identify gaps by employee segment, create new total rewards strategy and EVP to close gaps

Are you dealing with problems like these?  Alan has dealt with many of them.

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