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  • How can we tell who will quit before they leave the company?
  • Why do we have so few females in senior management?
  • How do I get better at using data to make decisions?
  • Is your leadership development program working?
  • Who makes the best general managers?
  • Who makes the best technical leaders?
  • Who makes the best sales reps?
  • Why don't people speak up?
  • Why do people join you?  What do they engage?  Quit? Are the reasons the same?  For everyone?
  • Why do your change projects miss the mark?
  • What makes your high-performing teams different?
  • Which schools produce the best employees that stick around?
  • Should you rely on employees referrals for new talent?
  • What are the best external talent sources?
  • What capabilities will we need to win in the future?  Where will we find them?

What questions are you asking?  Alan has answered many of them.

  • Where are my future senior executives?  How can I identify them now?
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