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This book provides a fresh perspective on what's wrong with performance management (PM) and how to fix it. No one knows more about PM than Colquitt.  He has seen it from every angle, from inside companies.  It has been done to him for 30+ years, he has done it to others for 25 years, he has designed and redesigned PM systems, he has owned it and fought with all the stakeholders, and he has studied deeply the science behind it.  Others agree:

Dr. Colquitt has written the definitive statement for how companies need to approach their performance management (PM) processes differently. As a scholarly practitioner, he restores the contribution of science to offer evidence-based suggestions for retooling PM without falling for the hypes of "best practices" as offered by endless consulting think tanks and business press articles.  And his conclusions are radical.  He will be attacked for these conclusions but the scientific basis for his conclusions is compelling.

                                                                                                         --Harry S. Jonas

If there's one book you read on evidence-based performance management - let this be it. Performance management is a huge topic that can be hard and overwhelming to tackle alone. Alan brings more context and clarity to performance management in 164 pages than most books combined. Don't forget to read the end notes - they're equally as valuable and interesting as the chapter content.

                                                                                                       --Courtney G. Bigony

This is a must read book!

                                                                                                      --Jose Luis Chavez Vasquez

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